Institute for Social Development & Research

12th International Seminar on

Development and Tribals



07 October to 09 October 2017


Organised by

Institute for Social Development & Research

Gari Hotwar, Ranchi - 835217 (Jharkhand)

Mob. 9504330794, 8987663300, 9006688743

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About the Seminar


Development is a burning issue all over the world while the entire world is facing gradual disappearance of tribals. A number of tribals are traceless but the expense on development across the world has been gradually increasing. Actually there appears no relation between development and tribals, as such it is pertinent to focus on development and tribals. Its dimensions, issues and challenges have produced far-reaching effects through the length and breadth of the world that invite rethinking on its all aspects. Development is a continuous and multi-dimensional process which involves reorganization and reorientation of the entire economic and social system. UNESCO'S concept of development is based on the realization the communities define themselves in terms of cultural identities and development cannot be effective unless it is centered around that image, Thus when one tries to examine the kaleidoscope of tribal development, it becomes important to understand the concept of the tribe, which is, of course, contextual to their image. Over the past few decades, the rate of development in South Asian Countries has increased steadily. The methods to encourage their development have become harsher, rougher and prudential in a way that has led to complications on a large scale. As rate of development rises, tribal population has been largely and purposefully left behind in the dust of the storm. Most of them are far behind the run of development and devoid of common amenities of life. And through this exclusion, millions of voices have been raised to challenge the new ideas of development, wrongful displacement of communities, uprooting and ancient and traditional livelihoods and mostly the snatching away of any authority on their own lives.


About Ranchi Town


Ranchi is the capital of the state of Jharkhand, which is situated in the Chotanagpur Plateau of the Eastern Region of the country. The 28th state of the country, ‘Jharkhand’ was established on 15th Nov. 2000, and is known for its Greenery, Tribal Population and its rich mineral resources. The climate of Ranchi is cool and pleasant throughout the year. The average temperature of Ranchi is 16.20 Celsius and is situated at the height of 661 meters above sea level.


Venue of Seminar


Institute for Social Development and Research (ISDR), At- Gari Hotwar, P.o.- Hotwar, Ranchi - 835217, Jharkhand.

Location- Near Sheikh Bhikhari Administrative Complex.


Dr. Dinesh Narayan Verma

Former Prof. incharge & OSD to V.C. SKMU Dumka)

Head, Dept. of History

B.S.K. College, Barharwa, Sahibganj, Jharkhand, India.


Joint Coordinator

Dr. K. M. Rezaul Karim

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Govt. M. M. College, Jessore, Bangladesh



Advisory Committee

  1. Dr. Dhirendra Tripathi
  2. Dr. Jitendra Shukla
  3. Dr. Radhashyam Dey
  4. Dr. Sonu Annapurna
  5. Dr. Jitendra Kumar
  6. Dr. Kamala Gupta
  7. Dr. S. N. Prajapati
  8. Dr. Suresh Chandra Patel

Consulting Committee

  1. Dr. B. M. Sahu
  2. Dr. Nishi Kanti
  3. Dr. Ganga Kumar Binha

Organizing Committee

  1. Dr. Medhawati Arya
  2. Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh
  3. Dr. Manisha Rani
  4. Dr. Sudhir Jha
  5. Dr. Kanhaiya Lal

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Uday Narayan Singh

Institute for Social Development & Research

Gari Hotwar, Ranchi - 835217 (Jharkhand)

Mob. 9504330794, 8987663300, 9006688743

E mail: or

Sub Themes


1. Development: Issues and Challenges

2. Development, Industrialization and Displacement

3. Development, Politics and Political Parties

4. Tribal Problems, Movements and Regionalism

5. Tribals, Welfare Schemes and Demographical Changes

6. Education, Cultural Transformation and Tribals

7. Social Evils and Tribal Women Empowerment

8. Ethno-medicinal Practices of Tribals

9. Development versus Tribal Superstitions

10. Laws, Policies and Livelihood Pattern of Tribals

11. Development, Tribals and Migration

12. Development, Tribals and Environment

13. Social Change, Sanskritisation and Traceless Tribals

14. Development, Tribals and Terrorism

15. Development, Tribals and Conversions

16. Any other issue related to the theme.

Call for Papers


Papers are invited from teachers of Universities and Colleges, Scientists and Research Scholars for this Seminar. Papers may be presented in English or Hindi. Abstract of paper should be not more than 250 words. Full article should not exceed 3,000 words including figures and tables. Both abstract and full paper should be typed in English (MS Word, Arial font, font size 12) or in Hindi (MS Word, Kruti Dev 010 font, font size 14) on A4 size paper. Abstract and full paper may be mailed or sent in soft copy on Email : or

Paper Presentation


Selected papers will be given an opportunity for oral presentation. Teachers from different colleges and Universities and Research scholars are invited for oral presentation (10 minutes time) in English or Hindi only.


Last date for submission of abstract is 10 September, 2017.

Last date for Deposit of Reg. Fee is 25 September, 2017.

Last date for submission of full paper (Printable) is 30 November, 2017.


Note : Power point presentation date - 08 October 2017


Participants will have to arrange for their own travelling and accommodation. For help regarding accommodation please contact through Mob. and Email.

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